Giorgio Armani store,
London 2003


The Giorgio Armani store in London is the latest shop in a series of flagship stores around the world.

The choice of materials, the design of the entrance hall and staircases, the use of natural light and the fluidity of the space are characteristic of the overall design concept. This articulate and sophisticated ensemble brings about a timeless atmosphere. The materials are few, precious, natural and ancient. The floor and walls are clad in Saint Maximin limestone, the furniture in Macassar ebony and oxidised brass.

The entrance hall is always a poetic pause, a threshold between the exterior and the retail zone.

Often it is water, as a symbolic element, that makes this space magical.

For the London store, the symbolic feature at the entrance is intentionally more powerful than ever: reminiscent of sacred and archaic sites.




"Di  Claudio  Silvestrin  mi piace il linguaggio forte e austero, complesso dietro una semplicità così antispettacolare da fare spettacolo."


I like the strong and austere language of Claudio Silvestrin's architecture – a complexity behind a simplicity that is so unspectacular, so understated, as to render it spectacular.


Giorgio Armani.

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