I Ghiacci collection
ISA 2005


‘I wanted to design a bar counter with a configuration that is assertive, strong and dynamic, as it deserves. I chose an innovative and futuristic shape that will last the passage of time.

We probably don’t notice, but the moments we pass in front of a bar counter are ones of joy, warmth,  friendship, pleasure... the perception of a desire that becomes reality.

It’s the vibration to disobey the doctor or dietician. It’s the pleasure of a chat with a friend in harmony.

I imagine this counter on aircrafts and in spaceships that will allow us to travel in the future.

The journeys will be more pleasant.’ (Claudio Silvestrin) I Ghiacci speak one language only: the language of the future. This is a project for the future, a design that perfectly represents the ISA philosophy: to innovate the thought/idea before the products, always looking towards the future.