Aquapura Villas-Resort

Cearà, Brazil (due 2012)


Just three degrees south of the equator, in northeast Brazil, the new resort for Aquapura Hotels will be located on a vast expanse of white sand dunes, brushed by the relentless winds of the Atlantic Ocean.


The resort, which spans 40000m² of construction, consists of a spa, a hotel complex and a total of 96 villas each with its own swimming pool and terrace to offer guests a sense of privacy and serenity in a space where interior and exterior are completely and seamlessly unified.


Low scale buildings, regardless of function, float like boats on newly created lakes, each one linked to the land by a wooden bridge.


Stretched, expansive walls act as screens, to protect the buildings by moderating the force of the constant winds.


A minimum number of natural materials: stone and wood, in addition to the main element, water, strengthen the purity of line and volume of the architecture, which is completely aligned with the respect for nature.


To take full advantage of the site’s natural resources, Claudio Silvestrin Architects teamed up with ARUP to implement a natural ventilation and cooling system in most parts of the project.

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