The Princi bakery

Piazza XXV Aprile, Milan 2004


Princi bakery in Milan is a significant work of art, marking an important step on Silvestrin’s path as an architect.


The elements that are involved in the making of bread – water, air, earth and fire – are strongly present in this work, which is the fusion of an abstract sign and the physical nature of materials.  


Silvestrin has chosen an unusual mixture of colours: brass panels in a scorched earth tone for the main desk and walls; slabs of smooth porphyry in a grey/violet tone for the floor; and rough porphyry for the dwarf wall.


The result is a tension between the warm tones of materials and the sharp but sensual geometric drawing.


The shop stands out as a new icon for a bakery. No distinction is made between the laboratory where the bread is made and the shopping area.


Hence the feeling of being in a theatre, with both clients and bakers as the main characters on the same stage.


This elegant image is completed by ‘Le Spighe’ stool for Poltrona Frau and ‘Le Sabbie’ vase for Venini, both designed by Claudio Silvestrin.

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