Storm Residence
San Francisco (subject to planning permission)

The design intention may be unfolded in the perception of the two residential low buildings, 1200m2: a day house and a night house separated (and at the same time united) by a shallow pool and footbridge.


This separation is accentuated by the choice of different materials for the two volumes.


The monolithic limestone day house combines large north-facing windows with contrastingly narrow, south-facing, vertical window-slots.


The night house is a glass box, enveloped all round by cedar-wood doors: shutters that are open during the day and closed at night. The apparent opposition between day and night (stone and glass), in fact works as a harmony, a positive ‘beckoning’.


The composition, which is geometrically simple and elegant, reflects the layout of the interior rooms.


On approaching the house, one perceives only an abstract configuration settled in the green landscape: a plain, massive, solid stone wall, lightened by a few slits that open into a timeless interior.


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