Canal building loft

London 2001

This 120 m² loft apartment faces the Regent’s Canal in Islington on the roof of a 1920s warehouse.


The intervention preserves the uninterrupted north-south views and maximises the natural light.


Through a 5m-high door we enter the living space to face one floating, white base wall which stands opposite a stretched 12m wall of cupboards which conceal the functions of daily life, from laundry to books.


This monolithic space is furnished and built with the minimum number of elements, furniture and natural materials: Lecce stone for the floor, basins and kitchen island unit; pear wood for the dining table and staircase; and matt white paint for the cupboards, wall and vaulted ceiling.


The sofa, table, basins and lighting are Claudio Silvestrin prototypes, now produced by several manufacturers.

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