P Penthouse
Montecarlo 2006

This south-facing 1970s two-storey penthouse apartment has been converted into a space of calm, serene beauty.

The living room has been opened up to stretch the panoramic view of the sea on the Côte d’Azur.

The north-south axes have been cleared from impediments to make room for a perspective that links the master bedroom and bathroom area with the living room, thus allowing for a flow of energy that unites day-living with night-living. A majestic limestone cylindrical wall embraces the spiral stairs that lead to the upper kitchen and a generous roof terrace.

Prominent features are the 6m-long island bar unit, with a single sheet of bronze on the top and a shell that resembles a limestone bathtub and shower-screen.

The rigorous geometry, enveloped by the limestone floor, cedar wood and bronze, gives a feeling of solemnity and archaic elegance.

The presence of modernity is unquestionable, but the ages of time have not been abandoned; rather time and space are manifested as a continuous flow.

The architecture, interior design, lighting, one-off furniture designs and fixtures are all by Claudio Silvestrin Architects.

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