Torino Outlet Village (TOV)

Settimo Torinese, Italy


Torino Outlet (Fashion) Village is a 32,000 m2 street-level, open-air development. The assertive horizontality of the outlet makes it visually modern, as well as classic and elegant in configuration and proportions. The building is clad in ancient and natural materials: natural stone and lime plaster. The shopping promenade is 290 m long with ceilings reaching up to 6 m in height. It is flanked by an arcade that extends into infinity and is adorned by a regular trail of trees, an invitation to be out in the open.

The ostensible simplicity of this project is in actual fact the result of visual clarity, freedom of movement, open perspectives, visual order.

The long facade overlooks the highway and is concealed by new bushes and trees. From behind the trees a 88 m high freestanding spire rises as a metaphorical bridge between the sky and the earth and as an iconic landmark connecting the surrounding territory. The symbolic spire seems to pierce the sky, drawing its cosmic energy down on the earth. It has a delicate structure and its remarkable design, although anchoring the tower solidly to the ground, makes it soar into the sky with exceptional lightness. The spire is a gate to the Fashion Village and, simultaneously, stands as a gate and icon of the city.


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