L' Anima Restaurant

London 2008


The design for L'Anima (meaning 'the soul') intends to give customers the feeling of being in a soulful space with natural elements beautifully composed in pure, clear, geometric forms, which bond with the physical nature of the materials.
The materials selected provide the restaurant with a unique image of solidity, permanence and timeless luxury.
The main restaurant space is divided into two functions – the dining area and the bar lounge area – through the positioning of a clear glass wall. Yet the design intentionally lines up the two areas as one. The transparent division vanishes, and one's perception is that of a totality, of one space in which the two main functions (dining and drinking) beckon one another.
Through a curved passage of limestone walls, the customer perspective is directed towards the wine-tasting room and the VIP dining room, recalling the cells and refectories of medieval monasteries.

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