Through stable, quiet and serene architecture (rather than through loud and ostentatious forms) the soul gives up fighting against its earthly fate and finds peace'. This intriguing aphorism by architect Claudio Silvestrin forms the crux of his work, and appears in his latest tome, 'The non-materiality of the material - Claudio Silvestrin' - itself an altogether calming 366 page journey from one minimalist project to the next, capturing the essense of Silvestrin's work over the last 20 years.
Almost bordering on monastic, the calm serene forms of a Silvestrin building have even compelled Alberoni to describe it in the book as 'a place in which fragmented man can rediscover the roots of his culture and tradition, through earth, water, air, fire, wood, stone and light.', 19 August 2011
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